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Inside 485 is seeking guest bloggers to write about food and culture in Charlotte.

Inside 485 is looking for food bloggers and culture/lifestyle writers to help us bring smart, funny, and true content to Charlotte.

Love food? Plugged into Charlotte? Love writing? Great. But we're looking for special people. Hit us up if you have at least a few of these traits:

  • You're knowledgeable about Charlotte history and culture. When you slurp spicy shrimp ramen, you're the kind of nerd who doesn't only think about how that ramen tastes, but about what that ramen means

  • You're honest and fearless. We don't write puff pieces, but everything we write comes from a place of love: love for food and love for Charlotte. You can only strike that balance by writing from your heart with a mood of exploration, fun, and curiosity.

  • You're connected to pop culture. Your writing should reference current and past events without getting all "hello, fellow kids" about it.

  • You photograph your own stuff. Our guest bloggers will write and photograph their own pieces.

Here's what we publish:

  • Bar, restaurant, and brewery reviews.

  • Local event reviews, even if they have a national scale (ex. we'll take a review of Hamilton when it plays in Charlotte).

  • Music, film, concert, and book reviews that have a local tie to Charlotte.

  • Editorials, op-eds, and personal narratives that are about, take place in, or are heavily relevant to Charlotte.

  • Right now we're most interested in: 

    • Reviews of "classic" or "staple" Charlotte restaurants.

    • Cultural criticism

We pay writers we work with $50 for completed articles. We wish it were more and hope to offer more in the future. 

Write for Inside 485

Thanks for reaching out. We'll let you know if we'd like to work with you.

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