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10 Charlotte New Year's Eve parties under $25

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

New Year's Eve in Charlotte has been getting out of control, and New Year’s Eve 2020 looks to be no different.

I often say great food costs more money, and that extends to parties. All inclusive events put on by repeatedly successful organizers are going to cost more money than your average night out at the club.

But this is Charlotte, North Carolina, not New York or Los Angeles. It's one thing for notable nightlife spots to overcharge slightly, like Fahrenheit's Fire and Ice party and Ink n Ivy's caburlesque party, both at $100 per ticket. But Seoul Food Meat Company and The Waterman must be out of their minds with their $100 price points.

Even Lost & Found [4.6] isn't charging that much, and their clientele would've taken out a second mortgage on their house to pay whatever Lost & Found asked.

If you're paying $100 for a New Year's Eve party at the oyster joint, please hire a financial adviser.

For those of us who don't regularly set money on fire, here are 10 decent New Year's Eve parties inside 485 (hey, that's the name of the site) priced at under $25.


This squeaky clean karaoke party is perfect for parents, youth group leaders, and other people who don't want to twerk.

Dress up as your favorite decade, aka dig through your closet for something that looks kinda 90s. Live DJ starts at 9 and there's a free champagne toast at midnight.

The Candy Land theme is actually intriguing. Dress up as your favorite sweet treat and start brainstorming some pickup lines that use the word "lick." Enjoy a free champagne toast at midnight, a candy bar, and a live DJ.

1/2 priced wine and live music round out this laid back NYE party. No theme, no cover, no costumes.

The smart money is that this is the last NYE party the Rabbit Hole/Jackalope Jacks/Peculiar Rabbit will ever have. So go and brag about how much cooler Charlotte was in 2013. Live DJ and free champagne at midnight. It's an LGBTQ party if that sweetens the deal for ya.

Grab tickets for this grown and sexy masquerade party. Why Uber all the way to Uptown to be surrounded by millennials? Your tickets come with party favors and a champagne toast.

Rosemont could've charged a lot more money and still sold out of tickets. $10 for a NYE party at a consistently good-to-great nightlife spot is one of the best deals in Charlotte. Doesn't seem like you get any goodies for your tickets though.

The best part about a glow party is the one couple who takes it way too far by showing up naked covered in glow in the dark paint. Free champagne at midnight and the double bars are sure to speed up service.

I'm not a fan of dropping money on NYE parties are new joints, but $25 for two DJ's, a heated rooftop, and champagne in Uptown in hard to beat. I haven't been to The Imperial yet, so sorry if it sucks.

Who knows how much longer the Epicentre will exist in its current form? All the bars and clubs are getting evicted over the next few years, so NYE 2020 could be your last chance to have a totally ratchet night at the most ratchet complex in town. Enjoy free mechanical bull rides, a champagne toast, CO2 jets, and confetti cannons.


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