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The 10 best Charlotte bottle shops

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Bottle Shops in Charlotte: Craft Southend

They're a great spot for lounging, killing a bottle of wine, and grabbing non-local craft beers. Unlike bars or breweries, there are bottle shops appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here's your guide to the 10 best bottle shops in Charlotte.


Neighborhood: South End Aesthetic: Uber-modern clean Quirks: Minimalist, great coffee, dog friendly, and super popular.

Charlotte bottle shops: Good Bottle Co.
Good Bottle Co.

Neighborhood: Montford Aesthetic: Biker bar, but for leftists Quirks: Progressive, welcoming, intimate, "everybody knows your name" vibe with a smaller selection, but a bigger heart.

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood Aesthetic: Your grandmother's house if it were a bottle shop Quirks: Swings, nerd references, local art for sale, board games, and tons of couches and sofas.

Charlotte Bottle Shops: the hop shop
The Hop Shop

Neighborhood: Southend Aesthetic: Brunch as a lifestyle Quirks: Elevated food menu (the best of any bottle shop in the city), and cozy seating with a mix of couches, booths, and benches.

Neighborhood: Between Plaza Midwood and Noda Aesthetic: Brooklyn-style 90's hipster Quirks: Vegan groceries for sale (like Beyond Burgers and vegan donuts), gravel patio with a fire pit, used records store attached, and space for live DJ's.

Charlotte Bottle Shops: Tip Top Daily Market
Tip Top Daily Market

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood Aesthetic: Super productive work from home spot Quirks: Quiet, incredible coffee, vegan breakfast menu, dog friendly, bakery snacks like cheesecakes, and mini library with greenery.

Neighborhood: Southend Aesthetic: Meet your future ex-girlfriend Quirks: Surprisingly strong flatbread menu, great crowd of young singles, and a huge draft selection for a bottle shop.

Charlotte Bottle Shops: Craft Southend
Craft Growler Shop and Tasting Room

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood, Southend, and Oakwold Aesthetic: Punk's not dead Quirks: Most happening patio in Charlotte, community vibe, great deli selection, and regular live music.

Neighborhood: Dilworth Aesthetic: Fail-proof first date Quirks: Pop-up options, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu options, fresh-squeezed mimosas, massive wine selection, and tons of seating from high tops to booths to benches.

Neighborhood: Wesley Heights and Uptown Aesthetic: Biz dev lunch for your startup Quirks: Perhaps the largest wine selection in Charlotte outside of Total Wine, lots of parking, tons of vegan and vegetarian menu options, and the soup of the day is always a winner.

Charlotte Bottle Shops: Rhino Market
Rhino Market and Deli


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