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If the 2020 Democratic candidates were Charlotte restaurants

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Democratic 2020 Candidates Charlotte Restaurants

There are no less than 42,000 people running for the Democratic party's nomination for President. To help you put them in context, Inside 485 is proud to present our guide to the 2020 Democratic nominees, if they were Charlotte restaurants.


Pete Buttigieg - Tavern on the Tracks

  • Big hit with Midwesterners

  • Solid 3rd choice if nothing else works out

  • Almost no black fans

Elizabeth Warren - Providence Road Sundries

  • Counter culture, if you know nothing about counter culture

  • You probably checked it out once on Google, but passed

  • Folksy

Andrew Yang - Flying Saucer

  • Way the fuck out there

  • Beloved by a small group of college kids

  • Afterthought

Bernie Sanders - Skylark Social Club

  • Populist

  • Gravitated toward by poor millennials with no healthcare

  • Wants to cause breakups

Kamala Harris - Thomas Street Tavern

  • Fun, but like mom fun

  • Not quite as good as it should be on paper

  • Loves cops

Joe Biden - Ed's Tavern

  • Old

  • Nobody's first choice

  • Remained exactly the same even as the community changed around it

Tulsi Gabbard - Lebowski's

  • You've probably got exactly one friend who's really into it

  • Small, dedicated base of mostly Republicans

  • Associates heavily with White Russians

Tim Steyer - Snooze AM

  • No one can figure out exactly why it's here

  • Bland

  • Flushed with cash

Cory Booker - Petra's

  • More interesting a few years ago

  • Quirky in a 2005 Williamsburg hipster kind of way

  • Gay, but it's like a poorly kept secret

Amy Klobuchar - Dilworth Tasting Room

  • Down tempo

  • Moderate, but with a little funk

  • Really, really likable, but lost in the shuffle

Mike Bloomberg - Merchant and Trade

  • Symbol of affluence

  • Media darling

  • Intriguing option, but you don't feel like changing


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