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Inside Ethics

What does Inside 485 do?

Inside 485 is a platform for high-quality writing about Charlotte food and culture. The meat of what appears here is in-depth reviews of new restaurants in Charlotte. You might also find thinkpieces, interviews, features, and personal essays. All pieces are tied together by a goal to entertain or to prompt thought. 

What does Inside 485 not do?

This platform makes no attempt at journalism. Everything here is the sole opinion of the author. Any occasional resemblance to journalism is purely incidental. Think of it as entertainment first and foremost. That means you shouldn't expect to see comprehensive news, balanced coverage, or a lack of bias. 

What do you mean when you say "no paid coverage, no comped meals?"

Foodie culture has decimated independent thought. People who can post pretty pictures of a burger are taking money and free food to tell you what restaurant you should eat at. Inside 485 thinks that's kinda lame. No restaurant, bar, or brewery posted on this site will ever be here through payola. If a restaurant gets a good review, it's because someone ate there and thought it was good. In order to closely mimic what the consumer experiences, every meal that's written about on this site has been paid for. These ethics will never be bent. There are no exceptions to these rules, no ambiguities, and they will never change. 

Why is there an advertising platform?

This website is run independently. Because free meals and paid coverage are never accepted, a single review can cost up to $200 to produce. Dozens of readers so far have said some variation of the comment "Inside 485 is the Charlotte site I've always wished existed." The reason why it didn't exist before is because it's expensive to do this kind of writing in an ethical way. Partnering with advertisers guarantees that Inside 485 never has to bend its ethics. 

What kind of businesses can advertise on Inside 485?

Almost any business with the exception of those with close connections to restaurants, bars, or breweries in Charlotte. To learn more, visit

How will you make it clear what's an advertisement?

You will see AD PARTNER written in bold red font before any content related to an advertising partner. In addition, the text on an ad will be separated from the body of other content, so it's visually distinctive. This isn't because Inside 485 hate advertising. On the contrary, if this site takes money from a business, it's because the product is good. Still, ethically you have a right as a reader to know when you're viewing an ad. This will never be hidden from you.

I disagree with something your site said. Who can I address my concerns to?

Write it in your diary.

Last update: May 11, 2020

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