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Review Sponsor - $500​ per review (discounted if you buy multiple)

  • Your logo is included in the review

  • Your business (including any special you're running) is mentioned in the lead-in to the review

  • We'll tag your business in our social posts about the review

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  • You become the Review Sponsor or Newsletter Sponsor on a rotating basis if we cannot sell those assets 

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Inside 485 is planning a tentpole event in 2020. We expect a large volume of ticket sales (in the hundreds) and an audience that's influential, smart, and well connected in Charlotte. We want to plan it with you from the ground up.

Interested? Email dion [at]

What is Inside 485?​

Inside 485 is dedicated to producing high quality writing on Charlotte restaurants, bars, experiences, and art. A limited amount of our content covers national news and entertainment. We provide cultural context for what it means to eat, drink, and live in Charlotte. We are honest. No fluff. No BS. No punches pulled. No confrontation avoided.

We are relentless in our mission is to explore, appreciate, and evaluate Charlotte’s culture through words and images.

Who is reading Inside 485?

  • Socially active adults

  • 22-39

  • High household income

  • Digitally savvy

  • Well connected

  • College educated

Our audience includes a ton of influential people in the Charlotte community. We're not pulling the kind of raw numbers you see on other platforms (yet), but all your favorite media figures are reading us. We're good at what we do, have a well-defined value proposition, and the buzz has been tremendous so far. 

Each month, well over 350,000 unique Charlotteans encounter our content. We've generated an incredible amount of momentum and it's only going to get bigger from here. 

What makes us different?

There's a lot of great digital media publications in Charlotte where you can spend your money. So why us? 

Because we're a supplement to those platforms. They read them for news; they read us for context. Our bounce rate is incredibly low, and our pages per session is incredibly high. That means people are connecting deeply with what we're doing. The deeper connection, the more value you get from your ad buy.

Advertising with us is less expensive and more flexible. Plus, Dion takes you to dinner during the sales pitch.

And sorry, but we don't take money from anyone in the restaurant industry.


It's our whole thing. We like you, but we can't risk our editorial integrity by taking a financial interest in the success or failure of a restaurant. If you own or represent a restaurant (or bar, or brewery), feel free to shoot us your press releases and news. We'll probably share it on our social media channels. But we can't be advertising partners.


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